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Meet the Doctor.

Dr. Madi is a native of Mount Vernon, OH. Though growing up in a strong chiropractic family, she is a first generation Chiropractor with a huge love for animals. She received her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC and will be fully certified in Animal Chiropractic from Animal Chiropractic Education Source (A.C.E.S) in Meridian, TX by fall of 2023. In 2024, she will go a step further and become licensed through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (A.V.C.A).

Her mission is to empower owners and animals to transform, evolve and discover the essence of living interference free, while providing an abundance of stability and hope to the family unit.


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New Patient Exam & Adjustment: $100

Existing Patient Adjustment: $80

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New Patient Exam & Adjustment: $80

Existing Patient Adjustment: $60

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New Patient Exam & Adjustment: $60

Existing Patient Adjustment: $40

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why animal chiropractic?

The nervous system is of the most vital and important of all the anatomical systems. Forming first in utero, all cells, tissues, organs and systems stem from the innate intelligence of the brain through the spinal cord and nerves. Just like humans, every animal can benefit from chiropractic care and an optimally functioning nervous system.

Common signs of nervous system imbalance:

joint pain stiffness lameness weakness

paralysis muscle imbalance allergies

decreased sports performance anxiety

aggression poor digestion TMJ issues constipation/diarrhea incontinence

....... and many more

Before your appointment

Dog Muzzle

purchase canine muzzle

Why do I muzzle?

A muzzle isn't a punishment, but rather helps keep myself and you safe. Animals communicate through body language and tender spots will be found throughout care!

Dog treats and biscuits

grab treats

We all deserve a lil reward!

Treats will be used to help assist in canine and equine range of motion assessments, as well as positive reinforcement for the visit.

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Have the animal clean

Help me, help you!

Having your pet clean allows me to be quicker and more efficient. With equine, a clean, open space with solid footing is needed for assessment & adjustments (arena, barn aisle).


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Barn/House Calls

Equine & home Adjusting

$50 travel fee

($0 travel fee for 3+ horses a barn visit)


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Monday: 11am- 6pm

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Madi was absolutely great with Sadie. Sadie is a 3 year old mix that started having some issues with leaking. For the first time ever she got adjusted with Madi. Not only is Sadie’s gait different but she is so much more cuddly than before, I’m assuming because she feels better that she’s all aligned. Madi works great with Sadie and treats her like she is her own pup! I would highly recommend taking your animals to Madi, I have nothing but great reviews for Madi! :)

— Kayla T.

I greatly enjoyed my time working with Dr. Hoag. She was very personable and informative on what she was doing as she worked. She even came with a visual aide! The relief she gave my Daisy was visible instantly. She also taught me some simple techniques to calm my horse when she is anxious. Her overall outlook, on my horse as a whole, shows me she’s not just concerned with the structural health of my horse, but also the mental and emotional health. I plan to continue using Dr. Hoag regularly to keep my Daisy happy and healthy.

— Cora S.

Our dog, Cash, had been having little accidents for several years where he would urinate a bit in his sleep. We never thought there was much of a solution to this, honestly. After I met Dr. Madi, she suggested that I try having her adjust him. After ONE adjustment Cash has not had another accident and it has already been a few months since then! There have been many times in the past where we get frustrated with the vets “solutions” to issues that never seemed to help. It is such a relief to know that there is an alternative that is much more effective. We will go to Dr. Madi's first with our animals concerns from now on. Her gentle nature and explanation through the process of adjusting was great. We highly recommend Dr. Madi for your animals needs!

— Sarah C.



(740) 485-1715